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Artificial Intelligence

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Clinician reading scan _Aidoc

University Hospitals Transforms Patient Care with Aidoc's AI-Enabled Solutions Across Its Entire Health System

Aidoc aiOS™ integration across 13 hospitals focuses on enhancing clinical outcomes and streamlining workflow with access to 17 FDA-cleared AI algorithms.

New Study by UH Seidman Cancer Center Researchers and ArteraAI Published in NEJM Evidence

Study information validates the first-ever predictive AI biomarker of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) benefit in prostate cancer.

Researchers Secure Grants from NIH to Investigate Using AI to Predict Cardiovascular Disease

University Hospitals and CWRU researchers are awarded two grants in the same month totaling $6.2 million.

University Hospitals and Premier Inc.’s PINC AI™ Applied Sciences (PAS) Team Collaborate to Advance Clinical Research and Innovative Healthcare Solutions

CLEVELAND – University Hospitals (UH) in Northeast Ohio, one of the nation’s leading healthcare systems comprised of expert and renowned surgeons, doctors and clinicians, is collaborating with Premier Inc.’s PINC AI™ Applied Sciences (PAS) to...

University Hospitals to Deploy Interactions IVA for Frictionless Patient Experience

Interactions IVA will power a true conversational experience for scheduling appointments across the University Hospitals network.

General Electric Healthcare Chooses UH to Clinically Evaluate First-of-its-kind Imaging System

Artificial intelligence identifies collapsed lungs, alerts radiologists.

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